Point Me At Lost Islands

"Point me at lost islands.  Point me at the sea.  I'd love to know the sound of nothing else but you"

Point Me At Lost Islands is my favorite song by Tired Pony, and it seems like such a perfect description of our day trip to Anacapa Island in Channel Islands State Park.  We woke up early in Monterey, and drove to Oxnard from where we traveled by boat for over an hour to our destination.  From the boat, we saw a pod of dolphins and several pelicans diving for their breakfast.  We spent the day wandering around the island, enjoying the view and trying to ignore the hundreds of nesting seagulls that squawked at us for hours on end.  It was so secluded.

Every nest had at least two eggs in it.  Plus the parents.  There was a seagull at least every ten feet, if not closer.  Then there were the seagulls flying.  That's a lot of seagulls.

The sea lions were much more delightful than the stinky gulls.  We found them sunbathing and playing in the water along the coast of the island.

The surface of the island was actually quite dull.  Nothing grew but cacti and ice plant.  Oh, and seagulls.

This picture just cracked me up.  There were two gulls fighting, and the other one looked like he was laughing at them.

Check out the view!

I thought these pelicans looked regal.  That, and they give some good perspective to how steep the island cliffs were.

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