First post of the New Year!  And I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing with this post.  I didn't make a New Year's resolution, and I'm not sure I ever have, but I took the leap and joined Instagram.  I also went out on a limb and put up a profile picture on Pinterest.  I was born into the era of social media and all that jazz, but I seem to have lost my edge when my biological clock hit 30.  I don't get hash tagging or selfies, have no desire to ever enter the world of Twitter or whatever Snapchat is, and I still suck at blogging (which I hear is out of style anyway).  But, I still take pictures.  Some things don't change.  My trade may have been edged out thanks to the quality of iPhone cameras, but while I have acquired an iPhone in the past few months and love it dearly, nothing compares to the feel of a real camera every now and then.  Maybe I had a creative bug that bit me.  Or maybe I was bored.  Or maybe I was manic.  But, I wanted to make some art photos to hang with some awesome pictures one of my best friends took of the hubby and me at our new house (Surprise!  We moved, and that might have been a contributing factor to not posting much the last six months).  I'm not sure these are quite "it", but I like them enough to make them the first blog post of 2015.

This is a project I was working on for our master bedroom.  I wanted something organic, yet fantasy-like.  These are the closest I can get to recreating nebulae without a telescope.  I used fingernail polish, water, and some old cloud photos.  One photo has the Taurus constellation, because my hubby is a Taurus, and another is Virgo, aka me.

 This one is Taurus

and this one is Virgo.

Blue Bummerfest

These are NOT AT ALL what I had envisioned in any way whatsoever.  But I like them.


What to do to make up for being an awful blogger: overcompensate.  I'm not even that crazy about these pictures, but I am playing around with textures and black and white.

Prismatic Papyrus

I am a terrible blogger.  I go months and months without posting updates.  Or worse, I'll go months without taking any decent blogworthy photos.  These are my first pictures of 2014.  I got some new lights for Christmas, and after some epic failures, this is what I ended up with.  I'm kind of excited about them. :-)

Niagara Falls

On our way home, we made a couple hour detour to Niagara Falls.  I went Thanksgiving Day when I was sixteen, ice was on everything, and it was spectacular.  But, I had never been in the spring when there was significantly more water, and John had never been at all.  Twelve years ago, I was still using film, and all the night photos I took of the colored falls did not turn out in the slightest, so I was thrilled to get another opportunity.  The Canada side has an even better view, but it turns out one must have a passport to get to Canada now.  Even though we did not get to cross the border, New York's view was majestic.