"We'll go through this thing together.  And on Heaven's golden shore we'll lay our heads"

San Francisco is the city of the Golden Gate Bridge.  We did not spend a lot of time in San Francisco, mostly because we needed to get to Portland to visit friends, and we were behind where we should have been on the schedule.  I am glad we went though.  We went to Johnny Rocket's for lunch, then road our bikes around part of the city.

We were behind a day due to our lazy day at the beach, so I scratched off the idea of seeing Pigeon Point Lighthouse along with a couple other things, and as we were heading to San Francisco, we were driving by this lighthouse, so I wanted to pull over and take a couple of pictures.  Turns out, it was Pigeon Point.  Imagine that!

Since John is such a movie buff, we had to walk around the grounds at Industrial Light and Magic in San Francisco.  Outside the lobby was Yoda's fountain.

The following few are from the exploratorium nearby Industrial Light and Magic.  The place was enormous, and had very cool architecture.

My last vacation with my parents was to California during spring break while I was in college.  I had taken lots of pictures of Crooked Street and the Golden Gate Bridge, but I have none of them.  That was back in the film days, and I had to get my film developed so the x-ray machine at the airport wouldn't fog my film.  However, the lab destroyed my film.  I'd been waiting for the day I got to go back and retake all the photos I lost.

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