"Let's go away for awhile, you and I, to strange and distant land."

Weezer has a song for everything.  And I know I have mentioned before that I love to drive with the window down, blaring one of the thousand Weezer songs I own.  On our little holiday, we hit Moab completely by accident.  Even though Moab was only day three of the trip, it was one of the most memorable stops.  For those who do not know, Moab is the Jeep and mountain bike paradise in Utah.  I discovered that Moab was full of off roaders on a pilgrimage.  So amazing!  There were bike trails, hiking trails, picturesque landscapes, rocks and more rocks EVERYWHERE!  What more could a girl want?  I love rocks.  Big ones.  Little ones.  Brown ones.  Red ones.  Black ones.  Smooth ones.  Rough ones.  So, I took 361 photos of rocks.  I did photograph a cactus when I stopped to have an asthma attack on our bike ride though.  I never had an asthma attack, and let me tell you, I don't ever want to have one again as long as I live.  Despite this, Moab was the ultimate promised land!

See all that dust on my tires?  Yeah, that was on my skin, in my hair, and coating my lungs.

I wish this picture could actually show just how massive this rock was!  AWESOME!

Not only were there enormous, gorgeous rock formations, there were arches!

This might be my favorite.  I love the contrast of textures.  I just wanted to stare and touch all day long!

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