Just Married: Gaelen & Patty

I had so much fun with this wedding. The bride did not have a lot of specifications, and pretty much let me photograph whatever I wanted. I'm not sure I have ever met a couple quite as laid back as these two. There were so many details at this wedding, I quickly got carried away and took way too many pictures. And for my blog, I'm only posting my favorite composites that I made.

The picture on the left is my absolute favorite from the entire day.

New Toy

I purchased a new lens this week that has completely captured me. It's a f 1.8 fixed 35mm; the clarity and detail of this lens make my heart flutter. I'm in love. I have desperately desired a lens that shoots wide open, and would have prefered a 50 mm, but I'm not made of money. I settled on this lens, and the following images are some random photos I took while playing with it and getting used to the feel of a fixed lens. This lens' pure awesomeness takes my breath away.

Just Married : Josh and Shenna

Not only did I get the pleasure of photographing an outdoor wedding on an absolutely gorgeous day, I got the honor of experiencing the marriage of one of my dear friends. After ten years together, Josh and Shenna finally decided to tie the knot. The ceremony was intimate, and the weather delightful. These are some of my favorites from their special day.