L.A. Woman

"Motel Money Murder Madness.  Let's change the mood from glad to sadness"

Hollywood never made my list of top ten places to see.  In fact, I'm not sure Hollywood made it to my top fifty places to see.  But, since it was in John's top ten places to see, I figured I should make the most of it.  The only thing that gave Hollywood any potential allure to me was the fact that The Doors started out there.  So, imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame while L.A. Woman played on a loop in my brain.  Los Angeles is a city of eclectic people.  And by eclectic, I mean homeless, artists, dreamers, drunks, strippers, tourists, and some people who are completely bonkers.  I was enamored by all the graffiti.  I love graffiti as much as I love rocks.  So while John was soaking in the bright theater lights, I was ducking down creepy alleys and photographing walls and walls of street art, hoping I wouldn't step in vomit or contact hepatitis.

I admit I was giddy when I found the Beatles star.  I LOVE the Beatles!

This wall was probably my favorite.  It had so many different textures and styles.

I'm not sure of the concept here, but I like it.

The ceiling at Pantages Theater was super neat.

This wall was truly stunning, but it was blocked by a very tall barbed wire fence.  I just photographed through the fence.  It looks pretty groovy though.

Not only did I see Jim Henson's star, I also found the one for the muppets.

 I took lots of pictures of the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  There were people on it that I cannot imagine why they deserved to be, and there were truly amazing celebrities like Bob Hope. Betty White, Jackie Chan, and Shrek.

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