Iron Man

"He was turned to steel In the great magnetic field
When he travelled time For the future of mankind"

I am not a huge fan of Black Sabbath, but I am in love with Iron Man.  While we were in Los Angeles, we go to see The Avengers on opening day at El Capitan Theater, where (oh my gosh, get this) Robert Downey Jr. watched it.  Go watch this movie!  It is excellent!  We got free popcorn and drinks after they handed us our 3D glasses, and enjoyed every minute of the film.  John even took a picture of me with the wax figure of Tony Stark in the lobby, but oddly even a wax representation of Robert Downey Jr. makes me look like some troll that should live under a bridge, so I'm not posting it.

Outside the Chinese Theater, there are hand and footprints of many celebrities.  I'm not a star chaser, and was not disappointed that we saw no famous people our entire visit to Hollywood, but I did think the imprints were fun.

Oh, and let us not forget the beauty that is Scarlett!  She had a super awesome part in The Avengers as well.

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