Goodbye California

"Goodbye, Goodbye, California.  Goodbye and I'll be moving on"

Jolie Holland expressed exactly was I was feeling by the time the bad moon rising caught us in the Redwood National Forest.  After nearly two weeks on the road, and approximately 5,000 miles, the water pump in our Jeep decided it was done.  With no reception, no idea what was wrong with the car, and 83 miles from the nearest shop, we were stuck on the side of the road.  Though we never saw their wings, two angels pulled over within five minutes of our catastrophe.  They were headed in the same direction we were, and offered to call a tow truck for us as soon as they had cell phone reception.  Maybe an hour later, the tow truck arrived, and gave us a one of a kind tour through Humboldt county.  Fortunately, we were fixed and on the road again by supper time.  We camped in the redwoods, got a nice hot shower for a couple of dollars, and were back on the road to Portland, Oregon.

Surprise!  Another rock I thought was cool!

This is not photoshopped.  I swear, this tree had fallen down, and where the bark was missing, was this amazing turquoise design.

When I'm dead and gone
My immortal home
Will hold me in its bosom 
Safe and cold
No more desiresWill light their fires
Or disturb my immaculate calm
And the birds of the air
And the beasts of the soil
And the fishes of the desperate seas
Will know who I am
And our substance will expand

As part of everything

As part of everything, my God
As part of everything
And the clouds will roll
And the wind will blow

And the beautiful birds will sing

Goodbye, goodbye, California
Goodbye to your waving trees
To you succulent wind
And all my friends
Fare thee well
GoodbyeSo be it

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