St. Augustine

"I know you tried.  I know you're cursed.  I know your best was still your worst When Hollywood was calling out your name"

I probably listened to more Band of Horses than any other band our entire vacation.  But they have such a poetic way of capturing just about everything, including the lack of luster in Hollywood.  But, Grauman's Chinese Theater was pretty groovy.  I thought the various imprints in concrete were a clever touch.  Honestly, I had never heard of Sid Grauman, but I'm not the movie buff John is.  John was all giddy and adorable when he arrived at this theater, taking tons of pictures, and putting his hands and feet in the impressions of celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Johnny Depp.  Of course they had the entire cast of Harry Potter and Twilight, which tourists just ate up.  I have not personally seen any of those movies, but got excited when I saw Julie Andrews, the dear Mary Poppins actress.

Aren't Cher's feet cute?

Grauman's imprint was made in 1946.

I thought this imprint of Roy Rogers was fun.  He had Trigger's horse shoe prints next to his.  Too adorable.

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