Bad Moon Rising

"I see the bad moon arising.  I see trouble on the way."

Creedence Clearwater Revival is ultimate road trip music.  And if only I would have actually contemplated these lyrics the morning they were going through my head as I took pictures of the setting full moon over the Pacific.  You know how Shakespeare uses natural phenomenons as foreshadowing in his plays?  Apparently, CCR does as well.  It wasn't until a few days later in the Redwood forest that we felt the full effect of the bad moon rising.  But, I will get to that later!  I had driven almost all night, trying to get from Oxnard to Big Sur so I could see Pfeiffer Beach at sunrise, but finally decided it was much safer to just pull over and nap in San Simeon.  I'm glad I did, because by about 6am, I reached a beach of sea lions.  We got to watch them play in the water and nap in the sand.  And the two hour (haha, actually, it was more like four by the time we stopped every couple of miles to take pictures) drive up Highway 1 to Big Sur was beyond gorgeous.

It was moulting season, so the seals looked really goofy

The fog over the ocean was spectacular!

Never in my life had I ever seen a bobcat in its natural habitat.  When I first spotted him, it took a few moments to register that I was actually looking at an honest to goodness bobcat.

I just wish my pictures did justice to the indescribable beauty of the coast.  It takes your breath away.  And I even made this drive ten years ago on the last vacation I took with my parents.  It is every bit as magnificent the second time around!

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