This is a project I was working on for our master bedroom.  I wanted something organic, yet fantasy-like.  These are the closest I can get to recreating nebulae without a telescope.  I used fingernail polish, water, and some old cloud photos.  One photo has the Taurus constellation, because my hubby is a Taurus, and another is Virgo, aka me.

 This one is Taurus

and this one is Virgo.

Blue Bummerfest

These are NOT AT ALL what I had envisioned in any way whatsoever.  But I like them.


What to do to make up for being an awful blogger: overcompensate.  I'm not even that crazy about these pictures, but I am playing around with textures and black and white.

Prismatic Papyrus

I am a terrible blogger.  I go months and months without posting updates.  Or worse, I'll go months without taking any decent blogworthy photos.  These are my first pictures of 2014.  I got some new lights for Christmas, and after some epic failures, this is what I ended up with.  I'm kind of excited about them. :-)