This Sunday, I worried myself sick about my first maternity shoot in over a year. But I'm a professional worrier. In fact, I worry better than I take pictures. I had all the components of either an amazing shoot, or an epic fail: a small space to shoot in, subjects at least a foot taller than me, and a boy approaching two. And, as always, I fretted for no good reason. Once I started working on the images I got, it was all I could do to take a break to bring my lunch to the computer or take the dog out. And narrowing them down for my blog was even harder. I got it down to 16 favorites. We did some artistic black and whites as well as a finger painting extravaganza with their son. I hope you guys love them as much as I do. I am so excited about these!

I loved how after he got started painting, he would ask for specific colors. And he knew where he wanted to add colors. The last color he used was red. He asked for red to be put on his brush, then he touched it to his mom's belly, and announced that "I ruined it!" For a minute I thought I heard him wrong, but his dad admitted that was certainly what it sounded like he said. I can't remember laughing that hard.

Some things cannot be planned. Their son's little hand sneaking through might be one of the cutest things I have ever captured.

I love this one so much!

Even More Family Fun

Last weekend I met up with the couple whose maternity photos I did last year. Now, the baby is a whole year old already! She's not quite walking, but she is ornery, smiley, oozing personality, with a single tooth. We wanted to do most of the pictures outdoors, but the December rain foiled our plans. I'm pretty happy with what we did capture!

I can't decide if this is my favorite. It's so precious.

She's not quite walking yet, but I did sneak in a couple where she was standing up on her own.
And we did some for Christmas cards of the family.
Emma loved riding the rocking horse. It's very festive.

What a dollbaby...

The expression of her face in this just kills me!

Simply Adorned

A special shout out to www.SimplyAdornedJewelry.blogspot.com. These pieces were created by a fellow artist, and she requested some photos of a few of the things I have accumulated by her for her blog. The following are some items she has made over the years, several of which I wear on a regular basis, and if you want anything similar, contact her on her site because she is very reasonably priced, not to mention flexible about adapting designs to your personal style.

I wear this one all the time!

She does a lot of stuff with really groovy clasps too.
I've almost worn this one out.

I wear this a lot too. It goes with everything.
This one is a gem made specially with me in mind. It only goes with a few things, but it's pretty awesome as well.
And this ring may be one of the coolest rings I have ever owned. And I wear lots and lots of rings. My husband made a comment at Christmas about how on earth could I possibly need more rings because I've got one on almost every finger. I confessed that a woman can never own too many rings. Or earrings. Or shoes.

David and Britni got married!

This was the smallest wedding I have ever photographed. The ceremony was in an adorable little chapel in a small town, enjoyed by immediate family and a few close friends. The best part was the simple cake and punch reception that allowed me all evening to photograph the newlyweds. They are so cute together!
This is my favorite! The light at this spot, at almost any time of day is AMAZING!

These glasses were all a proud find of the groom. He is a religious second hand store shopper, and provided an abundant supply of fun glasses for the reception.

Of course, this is my other favorite. I love the contrast of textures.