I'll be Home for Christmas

We returned to Indiana at 4:00 in the morning on December 22nd after driving all night because we were so anxious to get home for Christmas. With all the family we needed to see, we were able to drag out the holiday and savor the visits. Now New Years is speedily approaching and bringing with it the impending doom of returning to West Virginia. I'm just not ready to let Christmas go yet.

John got the leg lamp ornament from A Christmas Story as a joke gift from my sister.

And here would be Orion, our kitten (he is our biggest cat, but oddly enough, the baby), crawling under the Christmas tree.

Land of Makebelieve III

What better time to create my winter series for the Land of Makebelieve than on a week with over two feet of snow? I have been so fortunate to be surrounded by such inspiring scenery! Icesickles everywhere, trees laden with heaps of snow, and even a day of sunshine, pulled me from my cozy nest of blankets.



It started snowing December first. And it did not subside until nine days later. With my jeep in the shop all week getting a new clutch (which did not need replaced, and instead, needed a couple barings in the transmission), I have been stuck at home. Eventually, I got so bored that I bundled up in several pairs of socks and sweaters to go for a long walk and document just how much snow we had. In the ditch alongside the road where I found icesickles, the snow was up to my thighs. And note that I used the snow shovel to give a little perspective on how deep it is on the deck. The two feet left on the deck we got after I had already cleared five inches. I suppose, if I am going to be stuck at home, I might as well enjoy the fabulous view!

A Nutty Situation


I try to keep all of my blog posts portfolio worthy, but every now and then, something in my personal life is just too entertaining to ignore. One of these events ocurred this past week.

First, a little insight to lay the groundwork. Because no one in the lovely state of West Virginia wants to take part in a short term lease, we happened upon a vacation rental cabin that requires only week by week payment with no obligation or separate utilities. Our only requirement was that it have a stove so we did not have to waste ridiculous sums of money eating out daily. Now, the property manager wanted our money, so she agreed to have a range put in. However, because we are short term renters, she did not want to invest in something too nice, and gave us a used stove that we waited a week for her to get around to having it wired up. Three of the four burners worked, and only one set off the smoke detector. This should have been the warning sign.

The following day, I decided to bake the guys' dinner while they ran into town for an errand. By the time they got back, their dinner was done, but the smell in the house was so unbelievably horrific that we all hid in our bedrooms with headaches and nausea.

The next morning, the stench had mellowed only slightly. Instead of waiting around for the property manager to have the stove fixed, the guys decided to do it themselves. They figured there was probably some sort of old food crusted under the burners, but what they found after opening it up was something much more interesting. The insulation was packed full of nuts. Our stove had been the home to a squirrel. And when I preheated the oven, the coils burned the furry little guy's winter stash, which in turn, scorched the insulation and stank up the house.

The pictures posted here are the documentation of my husband and roommate's afternoon project. Notice the bandanas covering their noses to mask the stomach wreching odor. I thought they looked like bank robbers.

More Snow!

Once it turned December, a day has not gone by without snowfall. We got several inches yesterday alone that I had to shovel off the deck this morning. But, while our maintenance man was wiring up the stove, I wandered out in the winter wonderland to explore and snap some more pictures. I can hardly wait to get my jeep's clutch repaired so I can really get out and find some picturesque opportunities! Even though we are stuck in the middle of nowhere with minimal reception and human contact, there is endless inspiration.

First Snow in West Virginia

After Thanksgiving, I packed up and headed to Elkins, West Virginia where my hubby is building a new windfarm in the mountains. We are currently residing in a little cabin with a ridiculous view. The second day here, I experienced my first snow of the season and nearly froze to death taking pictures of it. And last night, I soaked in the hot tub as the snow flakes nestled in my hair. It does not really feel like work, and more like a vacation. In the weeks to come, I will begin my exploration of the area and post more pictures now that I have found an internet source not at the McDonalds.

Happy Halloween!

Since my hubby has relocated to West Virginia for a few months, I was at a loss for what to do on Halloween because we usually dress up and go to a party together. Fortunately, a friend came to my rescue and took me to my first roller derby, and we got to wear costumes. Alice in Wonderland is one of my favorite stories of all time, so this year I decided to make an Alice ensemble. My mom made the mushroom for my apron, which I think is the best part of the costume. And I couldn't resist putting a red queen in my pocket.

Bewitching Bygones

There was an antique show locally this past weekend that I was invited to attend. And given my fascination with nostalgia and the unusual, I could not pass up the opportunity. The variety of objects on display was delightful, ranging from pins and rings to sewing desks, dishes, and books. It was heaven. The photo selections are some of the items I was enamored by, and unfortunately, nothing was cheap enough to follow me home, despite the temptation.