The Tacky Apple

The Apple Valley Roadside Attraction was probably the highlight of my vacation.  While free of charge, my friend and I were taken on a tour of hillbilly art.  I was overwhelmed by all the textures, colors, and cleverness of the sculptures.  My friend could never remember what it was called, and we ended up referring to it as The Tacky Apple.  The low point was the cold rain, but the rain really added to the ambiance.  I had a horrible time narrowing down my selections, so there are a ton.

The hillbilly grill.

The hillbilly shower.

A car rim attached to a tree.  You know, like everybody does.

I think this was called Death to Technology.

A couch.  In a tree.  Awesome.

The hillbilly chariot.

I absolutely loved this mailbox.  I took a bunch of pictures of it, but I figured I was already overdoing the size of this blog entry.

Three-way call.  Hahahaha.

A shovel in a typewriter.  Because what else do you do with a shovel?  Stick it in a typewriter.  I wish I could remember the title of this.

This is one of my absolute favorites.

Typically, the owner does not let people into his hidden stash of potential supplies for future art pieces, but my friend begged to let me take pictures, so they let me.  It was like Disneyland!


Holy Rollers.  I think this was my favorite.

You're Not in Kansas Anymore.  Get it?  Love it!

The Valley of Lost Souls.

The hookah smoking caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland.

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