I've Been Working On The Railroad

The first thing I got to do while I was in Paducah was to go to the Railroad Museum.  First, I was the youngest person there by at least thirty years.  Second, I was the only female.  I was excited when I walked through the door, which fascinated the staff, and they offered to let me drive the train simulator. Not only did I get to drive the simulator, I got to CRASH the train.  There was also a model train layout in the back made by the local train model club.  I would have had a much more pleasant time taking pictures of the tiny trains and details if the guys back there had not been so grumpy and condescending.  One of them thought I was too young and too stupid to know who OJ Simpson was or even the history of my own state.  I tried to just ignore them and do my thing.  The actual museum blokes were absolute delights, and they even walked around with me and fed me all sorts of interesting facts and history.

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