Capitol Market

On my final day in West Virginia, I decided to head to the capital a couple hours away from where we have been living. Driving in the summer is one of my favorite pleasures. I love to cruise with the window down, blaring Weezer, drumming on the wheel, with hair whipping my face. It's awesome. On the other hand, I hate getting lost. And on this trip, not only did I get lost, but a wicked old man yelled at me in a parking garage to the point of tears for no reason other than I did not know where I was going and he felt like it. The day sucked. Until I discovered Capitol Market. There were awesome shops selling things ranging from watermelon to chocolate. Outside, there was a flower and vegetable market. It smelled like heaven. I actually wish I could transplant the Charleston market in Indiana so I can go to it every week.

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