Day Trippin'

My grandma has been wanting to go shopping in Brown County for awhile. So, yesterday, my mom, my sister, my grandmother, and I carpooled south for the day. Typically, Brown County is the Indiana "go see" tourist destination in autumn because the hills are peppered with gorgeous trees. But, we ended up going in the middle of the week on a dreary, cold day that did nothing to enhance the scenery. This was genious. Under different circumstances, the shops would have been impossible to move in due to all the tourists, and let's not forget that we would have had to park miles away. The afternoon was spent lunching, meandering through shops, and of course, taking random pictures.

This was my discovered treasure of the day. I am a sucker for old, odd junk. This ring was lurking in an antique jewelry store for only six dollars. On the band are etched a giraffe, rhinocerous, zebra, and parts of an elephant and a lion where it's welded together. Needless to say, it followed me home.

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