Vernal Equinox

It's finally spring! Last night John and I went camping, built an amazing bonfire, stayed up until the equinox, and slept in a cozy nest of blankets under the stars. Unfortunately, we didn't take into consideration that sleeping in a hammock instead of a tent would lead to incredibly sore bodies. And I had to share my side with the dog since she rejected the blanket I laid out for her. Poor thing has not slept alone since we adopted her six years ago, and she is quite the bed hog. Then, when I got home this morning, I noticed some bulbs I planted had bloomed! This is the most delicious spring ever.

John got me a pit popper for Christmas, so we made popcorn over the campfire. The instructions said it would take 3-6 minutes to pop, but it was really more like 30 seconds, and half of it burned. The dog loved it though!

Some truly amazing sparks flew when John stoked the fire. I kept making him kick logs so I could take pictures. Nice and toasty!

Have a joyous Vernal Equinox!

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