Simply Adorned

A special shout out to These pieces were created by a fellow artist, and she requested some photos of a few of the things I have accumulated by her for her blog. The following are some items she has made over the years, several of which I wear on a regular basis, and if you want anything similar, contact her on her site because she is very reasonably priced, not to mention flexible about adapting designs to your personal style.

I wear this one all the time!

She does a lot of stuff with really groovy clasps too.
I've almost worn this one out.

I wear this a lot too. It goes with everything.
This one is a gem made specially with me in mind. It only goes with a few things, but it's pretty awesome as well.
And this ring may be one of the coolest rings I have ever owned. And I wear lots and lots of rings. My husband made a comment at Christmas about how on earth could I possibly need more rings because I've got one on almost every finger. I confessed that a woman can never own too many rings. Or earrings. Or shoes.

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