A Nutty Situation

I try to keep all of my blog posts portfolio worthy, but every now and then, something in my personal life is just too entertaining to ignore. One of these events ocurred this past week.

First, a little insight to lay the groundwork. Because no one in the lovely state of West Virginia wants to take part in a short term lease, we happened upon a vacation rental cabin that requires only week by week payment with no obligation or separate utilities. Our only requirement was that it have a stove so we did not have to waste ridiculous sums of money eating out daily. Now, the property manager wanted our money, so she agreed to have a range put in. However, because we are short term renters, she did not want to invest in something too nice, and gave us a used stove that we waited a week for her to get around to having it wired up. Three of the four burners worked, and only one set off the smoke detector. This should have been the warning sign.

The following day, I decided to bake the guys' dinner while they ran into town for an errand. By the time they got back, their dinner was done, but the smell in the house was so unbelievably horrific that we all hid in our bedrooms with headaches and nausea.

The next morning, the stench had mellowed only slightly. Instead of waiting around for the property manager to have the stove fixed, the guys decided to do it themselves. They figured there was probably some sort of old food crusted under the burners, but what they found after opening it up was something much more interesting. The insulation was packed full of nuts. Our stove had been the home to a squirrel. And when I preheated the oven, the coils burned the furry little guy's winter stash, which in turn, scorched the insulation and stank up the house.

The pictures posted here are the documentation of my husband and roommate's afternoon project. Notice the bandanas covering their noses to mask the stomach wreching odor. I thought they looked like bank robbers.

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