Cyanotype Procrastination

While avoiding the absolute pleasure of drawing up wedding contracts, I created these cyanotype pieces. It all started when I began to reminiss the days when my passion was high contrast black and white images. So, after capturing some groovy abstract black and whites, I took a break to write up my contracts (needless to say, this contract process has taken me several days). Then not even halfway through the second page, I got to reminissing about college and the classes I took. I never got to take the alternative process class where cyanotypes were made because they changed it to a digital class or something my last semester in college. I rather miss college. Sometimes it's nice to have a professor give you an assignment to contain and challenge your creativity. From this thought process I proceeded to google cyanotypes. And this is what I ended up with by merging the nostalgia of old passions and college.

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